L’AMOURSNEWYORK is a women’s clothing line rooted in NYC culture and inspired by French and Italian new wave cinema. The name is derived from L’AMOUR, a music venue in Brooklyn from the 1980’s (pronounced “LAMORZ” by regulars) that featured many of the best hardcore, punk, metal, and rock bands of the time and now used in homage to evoke our forever “loves”. 

Styles are made locally, in limited quantities, and by custom order using stock fabric from both local and international mills ensuring there is no waste or excess inventory. In addition, we offer curated vintage pieces that complement the collection.  L’AMOURS believes in creating timeless product, in re-purposing fabric scraps, thus reducing as much waste possible in the fashion cycle.   

It is one of the great joys of working in this industry that we are able to produce using local factories and businesses in NYC’s garment district and will share any resources upon request.